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The foundation of Ottoman Algeria was directly linked to the establishment of the Ottoman province beylerbeylik of the Maghreb at the beginning of the 16th century.

Sultan Selim I r. In addition, the Sultan sent 2, janissaries, accompanied by about 4, volunteers to the newly established Ottoman province of the Maghreb, whose capital was to be the city of Algiers. In , the province was divided into three different provinces, which were established where the modern states of Algeria , Libya and Tunisia , were to emerge.

Each of these provinces was headed by a Pasha sent from Constantinople for a three-year term. The division of the Maghreb launched the process that led eventually to the janissary corps' rule over the province. The aim of nurturing the elite's Turkishness was twofold: it limited the number of the privileged group the ocak while demonstrating the group's loyalty to the Sultan.

Furthermore, most members of the elite spoke Ottoman Turkish while the local population spoke Algerian Arabic and even differed from the rest of the population in their dress. A married soldier would lose his right of residence in one of the city's eight barracks and the daily ration of bread to which he was entitled. He would also lose his right to purchase a variety of products at a preferential price.

Therefore, the Algerian Ottoman elite had a clear policy dictating the perpetuation of its character as a special social group separated from the local population. Ottoman-built] mosques with men of their own ethnic background. In times of emergency they were called upon to supplement the forces of the ojaq. However, the janissary corps had lost its supremacy first to the Muradid dynasty Murad Bey's son was appointed bey , and then to the Husainid Dynasty.

He was of Turkish origin and founder of the first modern movement for Algerian independence. Once Algeria came under French colonial rule in , approximately 10, Turks were expelled and shipped off to Smyrna ; moreover, many Turks alongside other natives fled to other regions of the Ottoman realms, particularly to Palestine , Syria , Arabia , and Egypt.

Ahmed Tewfik was also a historian who argued that the Turkish era in Algeria was defamed by European historians and provided the French with convincing arguments to justify their colonial actions. Furthermore, he stated that the Turks who settled in Algeria were "perfection and nobility itself" and emphasised their contributions to Algerian society, such as the establishment of religious endowments, mosques and waterworks. In his investigation, Dala found that the Turkish minority are already distinguishable by their different customs, especially in regards to clothes and foods, as well as by their Turkish surnames.

However, he states that the revival of the Turkish language is a sign of the minority restoring their identity and highlights the "new Ottomans" in Algeria.


Turks in Algeria



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